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INSPO 2023

    This year, I was ready for summer. Growing up in south Florida, the summer season never excited me. I experienced summer all year long. I was always enamored with the idea of Fall/Winter Fashion. I always dreamt of owning coats and boots and chunky sweaters, and creating such cozy, aesthetic, autumnal vibes. That all changed when I moved to New York City in 2021. I have gotten to experience Fall and Winter a few times now and I am still learning how to put together a beautiful look while still being functional for the cooler temperatures. I think I'll get there this year. But lets get through summer first.

      Now that I get to experience all four seasons, the idea of summer is so exciting. I took for granted the longer days, the never ending sunshine and heat, and the ability to spend more time out doors. But most importantly, getting to embrace Summer fashion. In the past, I never got to experience a wardrobe shift. It seemed like such a foreign concept. Also, it seems kind of dangerous for me personally considering that I find the need to buy a whole new wardrobe each time I go on vacation or have a random event. Never the the less, I was inspired this season. The North East is a totally different vibe from South Florida. I wasn't too familiar with the East Coast aesthetic until as of late. The concept of being chilly on the beach at night was so strange to me. Farms and livestock by the beach was different. Not to mention, the beaches are quite dreary. 

   I was very influenced by the nautical, laid back, simplicity of these east coast beach towns. Lots of whites and blues and grays, incorporated in lightweight sweaters, summer dresses, and of course shorts. I already lean more towards neutral tones on the regular, but blue seems to be my go to summer color.       

     After spending my birthday on Long Island, I learned real quickly that less is more. I almost went out in a black body-con two piece dress that covered very little, and I am so glad I chose otherwise. It would have been the perfect dress for Downtown Manhattan, but I would have looked very out of place in a quaint beach town. 

     I allowed myself to embrace the effortless, 'just got back from the beach,'sun drunk energy. No make-up days, where I threw a cover up over a bikini, hair still drenched with sea water, enjoying a light lunch at a restaurant on the dock, that later turned into beach waved hair, accompanied with a fresh tan in a summer dress and kitten heels, at night.

    When it came to beauty and makeup this summer, I also played by the rule of: Less is more. Lots of SPF, tinted moisturizer, lip glosses, and cream products. I ditched the eyeshadow, liquid liner, and setting powder. Im sure its a universal understanding that makeup and heat are never a pleasant combo, so to avoid my face melting off, I went with lighter products. I also opted for more dewey, bronzy, glowy products that enhanced my slight summer tan. Which didnt last too long might I add. My hair remained out of my face most of the days, and I accomplished the technique of a slick back bun.

     I brought this North East Coast energy along with me the rest of the summer. From back home in South Florida, to San Antonio, Texas, I really tried to emulate the laid back energy that was the North East. 

    All in all, this summer introduced me to a whole new world that I have only just dipped my toe in. I have aspirations to explore more east coast beach towns like Nantucket, Montauk, Provincetown, etc. next summer. I dream of the day I can rent a house in the Hamptons for the Summer with my best friends. So until next summer! I think i'm juuussstt about ready for Autumn!

    Chat soon! - Lex <3


      If you couldn't tell by my IG feed, I'm really not in a colorful mood. Maybe it's a reflection of how I view myself in this world these days. I really do love a neutral color palette. Browns and creams are my uniform. As we approach the spring and summer months, I would love to start experimenting with more color. However, right now I feel my best in browns and beige. 

      Comfortability is also really important to me right now. I'm all about sneakers and jeans. If  i'm walking the island of Manhattan all day, you wont be catching me in heels. I guess I've just been trying to find my practical style here in the city. I can't wait to see what the summer holds!

                                          -Lex 4/29/23



I get asked on a regular basis how I manage to style my fan merch in a wearable way. It's really simple actually. My number one tip is to just treat it like a normal piece of clothing; not a statement piece. I mean of course I want it to be seen, but if I focus on that item, then the rest out the outfit will turn out subpar. You also cant forget to accesorize!





 I am not stranger to summer! I grew up in South Florida where it is literally summer all year round. I am so excited to experience summer in NYC this year, which means I get to be more adventurous with fashion. This means light make up looks.

For me, its all about the glow. I like to go easy on the eyes and lips, and really focus on the skin.

Rouged cheeks, bronzed skin, and of course, HIGHLIGHT! I basically want to look like I've been at the beach all day.

My favorite bronzer for the summer is the Butter Bronzer from Physician's Formula...which reminds me, I need to pick up a new one. It smells like coconut and I really try to save it exclusively for the summer months. Try as I might... I fail at least once a week. I also go heavy handed on blush...its my favorite part.I'm really  loving Becca's Wild Honey blush at the moment. And NO, not Becca Tobin.....Becca Cosmetics. As for highlight, Becca's Champagne Pop is a staple! Lastly, dont forget a setting spray to lock in all the products and add additional glow! Also, try adding more cream products to your routine! It makes everything look more natural!

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