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My 2023 Vision Board✨

Hey there!

So I've already deemed 2023 to be the best year of my life. Something about it just seems magical. I cant really explain it.

Last weekend Vanesa and I had a vision board day where we spent the whole day manifesting and creating our dream 2023. I highly recommend it and will be doing this every year from now on.

Initially, I didn't want to share my board in fear of jinxing anything or fear of judgment. However, I also feel like its important to speak your dreams into existence. I've always been proud to share my goals and dreams, however this year I was very bold. I wanted to dream big this year. I included things that seem so far fetched but not quite impossible. I've already reached so many goals that have seemed out of reach in the past that just seem normal now.

For example:

  • Living in New York

  • College in New York

  • Meeting Darren Criss on my 21st

  • Working at Ellen's Stardust Diner

  • ETC

So despite my apprehensions, I decided to let you all in on what I am manifesting and accomplishing in 2023.


I'm booking something. I am booking an equity show and getting my equity card. I just know thats on the table for me this year.


I am getting my "Better than summer of 2021" body. I was in the best shape of my life during the summer of 2021 and this year I am getting back on track and looking even better. I also need to improve my dance technique so I will be attending 2 dance classes a week at Broadway Dance Center. I found a Zumba class on the Upper West Side on Saturday and I'm obsessed!


So this is a big one for me. This year I really want to travel. I haven't been on a cruise in like 4 years and that's just insane to me. I really just want to travel with my friends and family and make new memories. I've been in grind mode all 2022 and I really need a true vacation this year. I plan to go on a birthday cruise with my best friends in July. I also just want to explore the country more and plan some day trips. I DEF want to go back to Sleepy Hollow during spooky season and rent a cabin for Friendsgiving. I also desperately need a Disney Trip! I know this seems like a lot and kind of expensive, but I know it will all work out!


This year is about pouring into those who love and support me. After spending over a year trying to squeeze myself into places and friend groups I'm clearly not valued in, I have realized that I need to prioritize my ride or dies.

While I would love to build new friendships

this year and so open to new relationships, I really just want to show my love and appreciation for those who have never left my side.


So my best friend, Forrest, has been saying he wants to move here for years. I really think this is the year he will do it. He has the perfect set up. He can live w/ me until he has a stable job and place of his own. I mean how iconic would our trio would be? Me, Vanesa, and Forrest in NYC? Sounds pretty iconic to me.

So I am writing this paragraph 2 days after the previous and it looks like my manifestations are already coming true! Forrest has booked his one way ticket to NYC and put in his two weeks. Looks like the Kurt to my Rachel will be moving in on February 1st!


This year I am really trying to cultivate a really solid self-care and rest routine. I don't really know how to relax. I'm always on the go or working on something, which is definitely a good thing. However, rest is also productive. By refreshing, resetting, and revamping, I can produce better quality work. So, I will be scheduling more self-care and beauty days ahead of time so they don't get skipped over. I will literally put it in my calendar a month before. It will consist of:

  • 2 Nail fillings a month

  • 1 Pedicure a month

  • 1 Brow wax a month

  • 1 Hair trim every 2 months

  • Cleaning day once a week

There are other things I need to include, but that seems like a good start!

So those are the main things I will be manifesting this year. There are a few other goals I am trying to reach and habits I'm trying to implement. I'm super pumped for this year and where it will take me! 2023 is off to a great start. I hope it's going well for you too!

Chat soon!


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