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The Rachel Berry Effect

Hey friends!

I hope you've been doing well and crushing your 2023 so far!

I'm so excited to talk about today's topic. This post is 100% credited to Vanesa for giving me this idea. She inspired me to write about the "Rachel Berry Effect" and how it has influenced my life.

A little background.....

Its no secret that my favorite TV show is Glee. To be honest that is quite an understatement. I grew up watching the show and it was extremely pivotal and influential to me. However, it has become more influential that I had intended it to be. For years now, I have been compared to and hailed as the real life Rachel Berry. Initially, I was sort of offended by it. I would question if I were annoying, intolerable, catty, aggressive, diva-like, etc. I didn't want to come across that way to others. It wasn't until recently that I understood what everyone was referring to:

  • I grew up dedicated to my craft and passions

  • I graduated from a musical theatre conservatory in New York

  • I'm currently a singing waitress at Ellen's Stardust Diner

  • My best friend from home (Kurt) is moving in and going to work at the diner w/ me

It's quite literally life imitating art. I never set out to recreate this damn show lol. However, I think its been subconsciously burnt into my brain at this point that it has become my damn destiny. I've also been able to see the good qualities that I share w/ Rachel:

  • Driven

  • Broadway before boys

  • Misunderstood

  • Keeps a small circle of extremely supportive friends

  • Spunky

  • Extremely hard on ourself

  • We both hold ourselves to a very high standard

After accepting this part of myself, I decided to just go full force Rachel Berry. A lot of times I ask myself "What Would Rachel Berry Do?" And I know what you're thinking. Why would I ask myself this when Rachel herself makes questionable decisions? Well the answer is simple.

That bitch won.

At the end of the day, she's that bitch. She accomplished her dreams. She became Fanny Bryce, she won a Tony, etc. She may be difficult, but boy can she sing.

Something I remind myself of all the time is the concept of: In order to be an exceptional person, you have to do exceptional things that most people aren't willing to do. And no, I do not mean sending your competition to a crack house. What I mean is making the decisions and choices every day that will make you 1 percent closer to your goal each day. If that means getting up at 6 am to run on the elliptical while staring at a picture of a Tony, instead of sleeping in, then that's what it will take. If that means sacrificing an abundant social life to take dance classes, then so be it. I think it's those things that make people successful.

So what's next for me? Naturally, I am the next Fanny Bryce to replace Lea Michele on Broadway....I'm just kidding. However, don't count me out just yet. Because my life does tend to follow the trajectory of the plot of Glee, I'm shooting for the stars. I have so many goals I have set out to achieve. And the Rachel Berry mindset will help me get there.

Now, instead of cringing when I receive the comparison, I take it as a compliment. To have people view me as driven, hard-working, ambitious, etc. is actually flattering. However, like Rachel Berry, none of this mindset should be rooted in what others think. Because I feel like I have mastered it, I would love to expand on how to actually adopt the Rachel Berry mindset. I truly believe there are so many amazing qualities and benefits to actually thinking and living this way. I don't think I would be where I am today if didn't think this way.

So, stay tuned for a whole guide and breakdown on The Rachel Berry Mindset! I'm so thrilled to share this information with you! 2023 is the year where we are all adopting The Rachel Berry Mindset and crushing our goals!

Thank you sooooo much for chatting with me and I can't wait to chat soon!


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