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Where I've Been..

Hi Friend...

Wow....what a time it has been. As you probably know, this year has been full of change for me. Ever since my birthday over the summer, life has been pretty hectic. My third semester of school has been the hardest yet, I am currently in my school production of Into The Woods, all while trying to balance a new relationship.

While I am excited to share the news of my new relationship, I am still cautious when it comes to over sharing on social media. I also have been very overwhelmed with school and the production, so its been hard to be consistent and keep you in the loop. Rehearsals run from 7-10 Monday-Thursday and 10-6 on Saturday. Not to mention classes from 9-6 with homework assignments daily.

I miss you! I miss being able to share moments of my life frequently. I miss creating content and sharing my days with you. I really miss Tiktok. I miss fangirling. These days my fangirling has been directed to my boyfriend...

I am so sorry for pretty much disappearing with no explanation and falling through on a lot. Sometimes life takes over and the unexpected happens. I made new discoveries about myself, about my talents, about my priorities, a

nd so much more. I feel like I have grown up a lot in these past 4 months. The things that bring me comfort have shifted and my need to use social media has declined. I felt like I lost myself for a second there. Its really hard when multiple people try to tell you who you are and project their own opinions on to you. Its one thing to be able to disconnect from the opinions of strangers on the internet, but its a lot harder when it comes from people around you. I was really confused for a little bit. By that, I mean, it was really confusing to feel confident in who I was when people were insisting I was someone else. I doubted myself a lot. I didn't know how to handle it. I felt like I had come to a point in my life where I was so confident and sure of myself and then all of a sudden it was getting tested again. I was experiencing growing pains for a second and didn't realize it until I came out of it.

Social media doesn't show you all the behind the scenes junk. While I was still posting here and there, I found it difficult to present myself on the internet as usual because I would have been putting on an act. Even though I'm an actress, I'm a horrible liar. I didn't know how to be the vibrant and cheerful Alexis I had been anymore.

However, I do feel like myself again and finally getting back into the swing of things. I needed to be tested to grow and feel secure in myself and become unshakeable like I once was. I am ready to share my life and chat with you again. I have new friends to introduce you to and new stories to tell. I hope you stick around to see whats in store!

Chat soon!


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